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No Quorum

I would like to thank my fellow Board members, Rick Goldberg and his co-worker from Wilgus Associates, everyone who helped with the physical set up at the pool, and the 44 owners who attended Saturday's annual membership meeting. As you know, we needed 231 proxies to meet quorum. We only received 180 - wasting approximately $1,000 of our dues on the mailing, administrative costs, and chair rental. And now we have to do it all over again in order to conduct the business that should have happened on Saturday.
To those of you who took the brief amount of time it took to fill out and send back your proxy form - thank you! Those proxies and any election ballots already received will remain held over until the membership meeting is continued on a future date to be determined.

Marianne Perry, Secretary
Stonewater Creek POA

Stonewater Creek - Pool Notice

Hello Homeowners:

Pool Notice July 9, 2020

Please click the link below to view the Pool Notice July 9, 2020:

The Board Of Directors

Sent By,  
Rick Goldberg, CMCA
Wilgus Associates, Inc.
Association Manager
Stonewater Creek, POA

Annual Meeting Information

Hello Homeowners:

Please see the important Annual Meeting Information below:

In an effort to reduce reproduction costs, we will only supply copies of the agenda and election ballot at next Saturday's meeting. The proposed bylaws amendments must be read aloud at the meeting. If you think you'll want to refer to the proposals or budget pages while at the meeting, please bring the copy you received in the mail or print it from the 2020 Annual Meeting tab in the Members Section of the website:
IMPORTANT: As of today, we have only received 96 proxies and must have 231 in order to conduct the meeting. Please mail, email or fax your proxy form ASAP. Thank you.

The Board Of Directors

Sent By,  
Rick Goldberg, CMCA
Wilgus Associates, Inc.
Association Manager
Stonewater Creek, POA



2020 Men's Club Scholarship Award

From L to R: Pete Bussa – President, Bishop Nowotnik – Scholarship Chairman, Julia Hollenbeck – Awardee, Mike Cunningham – Treasurer, Larry Bucci – Secretary, Charles Genduso – Vice President
The Men’s Club of the Stonewater Creek POA awarded its first Annual Higher Education Scholarship to Julia Hollenbeck, a graduate of Sussex Technical high School, and a resident of Stonewater Creek.  Julia, an excellent Field Hockey player, will be attending Salisbury University in the Fall and majoring in Exercise Science.  Her goal is to become a Physician’s Assistant in the field.  Julia indicated the $300.00 scholarship will help her pay for books and other expenses.  The Men’s Club of Stonewater Creek is a Civic Association serving the Stonewater community as well as supporting the greater area of Millsboro.

Important Message ...

Hello Stonewater Creek Community,
As you know your Board has worked diligently to get our pool open and to be in compliance with the state safety directives.  Since opening our pool there have been several issues we’re currently addressing:
  • Vandalism in the Men’s room.
  • Homeowners loaning their FOBs to outside guests.
  • Profanity in the pool areas when small children are present.
  • Trespassing after hours.
Our pool attendants do their best to help keep our pool a pleasant and safe environment.  Please cooperate with them and abide by the rules.
On the issue of trespassing:
  • Pool Hours are currently 10:00AM until 7:30PM.  See website for more details.
  • Access to both areas after hours is restricted.  FOB access is automatically deactivated.
  • Video surveillance equipment is installed and monitored in both Pool and Clubhouse areas.
  • Trespassing is a dangerous and serious offense with potential hazard to the individual(s) and liability to our community.
For your information, on June 7th at 10:29PM our video surveillance equipment recorded an individual who gained access to the pool area, which at the time was FOB restricted, searched the area and removed articles from a lost-and-found pile on a table near the clubhouse.  So noted, this trespass is being investigated.
We appreciate your continued cooperation and hope there are no more instances of the above.  The purpose of our monitoring is to keep our community members and guests safe and the amenities in good working order for the enjoyment of all.                          
Bishop M. Nowotnik – President
Stonewater Creek Property Owners Association, Inc.
35279 Helmsman Way
Millsboro, Delaware  19966
CELL:  914-400-6924

Attention ... Click on Image

Notice ...

Stonewater Creek Residents,
        Please be advised that the tennis courts will be closed from June 27th- July 4th, for resurfacing.  We are sorry for the inconvenience, but this work will result in a much nicer court for playing on.
        Also, when the work is complete, we are prohibiting dog walking and skateboarding on the tennis courts!  Thank you for your cooperation with this community improvement!
      Stonewater Creek Property Owners Association, Inc.

Important ... Click on Image

Announcing ... Click on Image



Announcing ... Click on Image


Announcing ... Click on Image


Stonewater Creek Pool Opening
Hello Homeowners:

The Pool is reopening. Please view the links to the memo, plan, and DPH
restrictions below:

Sent By,  
Rick Goldberg, CMCA
Wilgus Associates, Inc.
Association Manager
Stonewater Creek, POA

A Message From The President

Welcome to the Stonewater Creek Property Owners Association website!  Stonewater Creek is one of Sussex County’s premiere family communities in Southern Delaware.  
Visit our Home Page regurlarly to see community information, upcoming events and important announcements.  Our website is available to the general public.  Feel free to browse and learn more about us.  Community members can log in for additional information.  
Remember, this website is only as useful as we "All" can make it.  Please use the Contact Us link for general inquiries or more information on Stonewater Creek.  Members should use the Site Feedback link to submit any questions, comments, concerns, or ideas.  Thank you!  

A Message From the Mens Club

Mission Statement
The purpose of the STONEWATER CREEK COMMUNITY (SWC) MENS CLUB shall be to:
Create and promote a social atmosphere for club members.
Promote volunteerism and community spirit amongst the members.
Promote actvities and service to benefit our STONEWATER CREEK community.
Raise funds for local charitable purposes and provide for local community needs.

A Message From the Amenities Committee

The Amenities Committee was established by the Board of Directors of the Stonewater Creek Property Owners Association, as a Standing Committee and serves the Community at the discretion of the Board.
The Amenities Committee responsibilities include but are not limited to maintaining and preserving the appearance and safety of the Clubhouse, pool and pool areas, and Main Entrance.  Written recommendations and reports are presented to the Board monthly.
  • Oversee Clubhouse use for private events and community activities
  • Oversee cleaning and maintenance of the Clubhouse and pool
  • Provide a safe environment
  • Develop an aesthetically pleasing community, with seasonal plantings and decorating
 We welcome any suggestions and/or assistance with our Committee!

A Message From The Technology Committee

The Technology Committee was established by the Board of Directors of the Stonewater Creek Property Owners Association as a standing committee and serves at the discretion of the Board for our community.
This committee's prime responsibilities are to design, develop, monitor and maintain the following and to make written recommendations to the Board of Directors:
  • Stonewater Creek POA website
  • Nextdoor Private Social Network for Stonewater Creek
  • Stonewater Creek POA social media presence, including Facebook
  • Clubhouse and community technology strategies and resources, including communications equipment, connectivity, services, content and security
The Committee may additionally perform such other duties as may be delegated from time to time by the Board. This Committee has no authority to bind the Association financially or contractually unless authorized by the Board.
To distinguish the above components:
The website was developed to identify Stonewater Creek as a community in Millsboro, Delaware (Long Neck) for the general public and to provide a secure members-only access for community information.  The website is controlled by the Technology Committee (TC) under the direction of the Board of Directors (BOD) and its content is approved by the TC and BOD.  The website is for information only and does not allow direct user input or advertising of goods and services.  Email services for groups and members will distribute information within the community.
The Nextdoor Social Private Network for Stonewater Creek was developed for this community; however, other local communities using the Nextdoor platform can also be accessed and interacted with.  Nextdoor has many features and allows users to interact, exchange information, ask questions, advertise, receive information from local contractors, businesses and law inforcement.  Content, such as events, forms and documents, groups and community member emailing have been moved to the website.
Stonewater Creek Social Media currently includes Facebook.  This component only includes main events and will be developed and expanded further.

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