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New Road Signs!

***** A T T E N T I O N *****
New "Stop Signs" on Rivers Edge, Shore and Harbor Cove and Seabrook were added at the corners to help with traffic speed and help reduce property destruction.  New "No Parking Signs" were placed on Shoreline Drive right of the community center.  Please be mindful of your speed as you are driving through our community.  Thank you!


ARC Phase 7 Updates

The ARC met on October 12th and discussed Phase 7 status and from what we can generally see from the roadway there is an appearance that Phase 7 left pond area and Waterfront Drive is the current work focus.  The right pond area continues with excavation and right side of Phase 7 with drainage and water pipe installation.  Waterfront Drive should be raised to meet Route 5 and the level of surrounding properties, which have already been improved and built up.
The ARC has suggested to the BOD to have Bobby Horsey attend the 10/30 meeting and again give us an update.  Our attempts to contact both Horsey and DR Horton have not been successful.  There's been no response to several requests for information.  Hopefully Horsey will attend.  It would be nice to know when the front area will ready for home construction and when DR Horton will build their Sales Model Home.


July 31st Board Meeting - Horsey

To all .. Bobby Horsey was asked to attend and speak on 2 very important subjects: Our front entrance driveway and updates for Phase 7.  The main entrance has a water irrigation and proper drainage issue which cause the erosion of the driveway top layer.  Bobby states that there are several options for fixing the erosion problem and recommended that we fix the current driveway pealing and aligatoring (cracking like aligator skin), both issues caused differently, and that would only be a short-term fix, perhaps 2 years.  He recommended a proper milling and asphalt coating at a future date, perhaps to coincide with Phase 7 as he will have the equipment and materials on site.  On materials, he stated there is an issue with getting drain pipes and other items, not just for our Phase 7 but for the 40+ developments he's involved with.
SWC Phase 7 is moving along with clean outs now installed in the front area for 25+ homes and right side 35+ homes.  He is working with Artesian on drainage.  The right retention pond will be completed in September and entrance roadway with curbs and sidewalks will be ready in early October.  DR Horton is planning on beginning construction of the model home after the front entrance area roadway is complete.  There's still no information on the house style they will use as the model.
Bobby stated that DR Horton is looking to finish their home builds within 18 months to 2 years and that Phase 7 would most likely be complete in 2023.
As a reminder, DR Horton does not build on buyers choice, i.e. buyer selects property and home floor plan or style, but builds for buyers to choose after home construction begins.  Buyer may select home options, finishes and colors only, so DR may begin building and working on 5-6 homes at a time.              


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