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Phase 7 Update - April 16th

Property Development:
Waterfront Drive - The Sales Office will go on Sale in May.  The parking lot will be developed in May.  All properties have been Sold.          
Blue Marlin Court - 4 "Sold" and 4 "Available".
Hammerhead Drive (past Beach Cove Drive) - 15 properties "Sold", 11 under construction.  Concrete driveways and sidewalks are underway.
Beach Cove Drive - 16 are "Sold" and 1 "Available".      
At this time, 80 of the 96 properties have been sold.  12 homes in various stage of build and 4 homes "Available".  Sales discounts are being offered.  The outlook for completing Phase 7 infrastructure with finished roadways is Late Summer 2024.     
Remember .. Hammerhead Drive is an ACTIVE construction zone and CAUTION must be observed when in that area.  If you see any construction trucks driving through SWC to get to Beach Cove and Phase 7 PLEASE contact the ARC or BOD ASAP.  All construction trucks should be entering Phase 7 through their own front entrance.
The Sales Model is Open daily 10:00AM to 6:00PM or by appointment.  Please call first if you plan to visit the Sales Office 302-803-0300

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April 27
Annual Meeting

April 30
Architectural Committee Meeting
The ARC will meet using Zoom on submitted applications received by 4/26 and other architectural issues.