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Phase 7 Update - January 15

January 15 entry .. 
After a short delay with the contractor working on the brush and tree clearing, the work was to have continued on Thursday the 14th.  Once done, Horsey will begin working on excavation and sewers.  The excavation includes front entrance, ponds and inner roadways.  So, expect to see some heavy equipment showing up shortly.  I'll continue to update this string as information is gathered.  Alan       

January 4 entry ..
I am waiting on my next update from DR Horton and Horsey which should come soon.  Per my last update the infrastructure work was to begin in early January.  As of the end of December there was some clearing of brush and trees behind the electrical and Artesian utilities.  I understand that some low brush clearing is going on right now.
The front entrance, Waterfront Drive. will have ponds on either side.  Looking at the map Plan D is located in the front and includes the front entrance.  This should be the first area worked on.      
For your information I've attached the following.  I'll update you again when I know more.
Alan D. Lowe
Architectural Committee

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