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Phase 7 Update - June 26th

The Sales Model Grand Opening may now be in mid-to-late Summer.  Exterior ground work, landscaping and the parking lot for the Sales Model are not done yet.  Framework and roofing are mostly complete on the twenty-one homes.  Exterior siding and stonework are being worked on now.  Windows and doors have been installed.  Appliances are seen delivered to some homes and stored temporarily in the garages.  There are no new foundations seen.
Roadway grading on the backside of Waterfront and Hammerhead Drives has progressed with a stone foundation, formed cul-de-sac and curbs.  Hammerhead Drive roadwork continues with the intersection of Beach Cove Drive now ready for curbs and drains.  Infrastructure work continues in the back section.
A concrete walkway has been connected to the front of the SWC walkway and extends near to the front entrance of Phase 7. Discussion on monuments are underway.  Electrical service work is being done.   
There are still questions as to home services for water, propane and internet service connectivity.
Information contained herein is solely by observation.     

Pool Opening June 11th

2022 SWC POOL RULES  ( June 2022)

Architectural Review Committee

Notice of Community Wide Review
Update:  The walkaround inspection has been completed and the findings are in review and being compiled.  The next step will be a comparison of the inspection results with the database we currently have to determine what information is accurate and what additional information will be requested from the homeowner. 
Originally posted:  According to our Declaration of Covenants the SCARC commitee is charged with reviewing the community bi-annually to enforce the Rules and Regulations and Architectural Guidelines that we all agreed to when we moved into Stone Water Creek.  Until this year the review has only been done on individual properties as needed.
The SCARC has recently approved and created a sub-committee to help perform the review this Spring.  This sub-committee will evaluate each property externally for improvements made, record the improvements and report their findings to the SCARC for further discussion, decision and action.  The SCARC will review the property improvements and compare against their database list of approvals previously granted.  The first community review will take place between May 8th and May 21st and the second for 2022 will take place sometime in the Fall.
If improvements have been made without approval, previously approved by Wilgus Management verbally or in writing, or are being planned in the near future, the Architectural Committee needs to review and reapprove in order to keep SWC consistant with our Guidelines.  If you haven't before, we ask you to submit an Architectural Application ASAP.  The Application Form is found in the Members Section, Architectural Information or Documents and Forms Pages.  It has instructions to follow.       
The SCARC understands what was done in the past, with or without written authorization, may be difficult to provide; however, we need to bring our records to a current status.  The Guidelines that are used, we recognize, are somewhat vague and the SCARC looks to update and clarify those Guidelines so that we all understand clearly what is allowed.  This becomes more important as we add Phase 7 which has slightly different Guidelines and allowances based on property size.
The SCARC approves Applications where they meet the approved Guidelines, works with the property owner to qualify them or denies the Application for stated reasons.  There are situations where improvements requires additional consideration not covered in the Guidelines, ex. shed location based on irregular property size.  The Application maybe denied by the SCARC but then submitted to the BOD for their consideration and approval.
It is our purpose to help keep SWC a residential development of high standards!
Questions, please address to
Stonewater Creek Architectural Committee  


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July 5
Architectural Committee Meeting
The ARC will meet using Zoom on submitted applications received by 7/1 and other architectural issues.

July 18
Annual Membership Meeting

July 19
Architectural Committee Meeting
The ARC will meet using Zoom on submitted applications received by 7/15 and other architectural issues.

August 2
Architectural Committee Meeting
The ARC will meet using Zoom on submitted applications received by 7/29 and other architectural issues.

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