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Phase 7 Update - February 28

February 28 update ...
Land clearing and mulching should be completed within 10 days.  All work has been hampered by the wet weather conditions.  Site preparation, earthmoving, excavation, pipe work and road development should begin once the clearing nears competion.

February 12 update ...
The clearing of brush and trees from various piles and pile lines has begun and the front area is beginning to take shape.  The wet weather has backed up progress.  Once the clearing has taken place the next step involves earthmoving and pipe work.  This should start shortly.

February 3 update ...
The surveyor was onsite and completed the markings of the buffer for Phase 7.   Mature trees in Phase 2-4 that were removed, according to the engineer, will be replaced according to Sussex County code.  At this time there's no plans to place a gate on Beach Cove Drive between Phases 2-4 and 7.

January 29 entry ..
A question arose pertaining to where DE Coop and Artesian vehicles would enter Phase 7.  The engineer stated that DE Coop has their own access road and the Artesian venicles would enter via Waterfront Drive and turn onto Blue Marlin Drive Court where their facility access is located.  The engineer also stated the roadways would be constructed to handle heavier vehicles.
Also ... There have been several complaints of neighbors interfering with the construction workers clearing the Phase 2-4 buffer and Phase 7 areas.  The engineer will be out to inspect early next week and stake out the remaining areas of Rivers Edge Road and Seascape Court for the clearing contractor.  Under no circumstance should any neighbor confront or interfere with the clearing contractors during their work.  Where you may object to what they are doing it is not your place to discuss or interfere with them.  As your Phase 7 liaison please contact me instead so we can discuss the issue.  I will relay any problem or issue to the engineer and or developer.  Thank you for your cooperation.  Alan Lowe

January 27 entry ..
The construction entrance for Phase 7 has been identified as the current gravel road across from Cannon Road.  The engineer specified that the construction vehicles will not enter and drive on roadways of Phase 2-4.
Also, if you view a white vinyl fence within Phase 7, that enclosed area surrounds Artesian's Wastewater Treatment.  The fence provides a good boundary around the facilities.
January 26 entry ..
For those who have asked about the buffer zone between SWC's Phase 2-4 and Phase 7 I have the following explanation.  The buffer area is still being worked on and cleared as appropriate.
Phase 2-4 and Phase 7 of Stonewater Creek are adjacent to one another, and therefore share property lines. There is a 30’ buffer on Phase 7’s side of the shared property lines, and there is a 30’ buffer on the Phase 2-4 property lines, thus from the rear yards of the lots in Phase 7 to the rear yards in Phase 2-4, there is at least a 60’ buffer.
The 30’ buffer on the Stonewater Creek Phase 2-4 property should remain undisturbed.
In Phase 7’s 30’ buffer, the County requires either existing woods to remain in place or for landscaping plantings to be provided in those areas. In some portions of Phase 7, the existing wood/under growth was considered inadequate to meet county requirements, thus those areas will be cleared and plantings will be provided later. Similarly, there were some areas where tie-ins to existing grades or other design considerations required the existing vegetation to be cleared during construction. Where feasible, the clearing stopped at the buffer line, but it could not be done everywhere due to either acceptance or construction considerations. Upon final completion of the subdivision, the 30’ buffer within Phase 7 will either be planted per County code or will remain undisturbed where feasible.

January 21 entry ..
You will notice that the brush has been cleared away and boundary fencing is being installed.  This fencing separates the new Phase from SWC and forms the 60' boundary between sections. - UPDATE:  The fencing is not a boundary but surrounds the Artesian Wastewater Treatment area.

January 15 entry .. 
After a short delay with the contractor working on the brush and tree clearing, the work was to have continued on Thursday the 14th.  Once done, Horsey will begin working on excavation and sewers.  The excavation includes front entrance, ponds and inner roadways.  So, expect to see some heavy equipment showing up shortly.  I'll continue to update this string as information is gathered.  Alan       

January 4 entry ..
I am waiting on my next update from DR Horton and Horsey which should come soon.  Per my last update the infrastructure work was to begin in early January.  As of the end of December there was some clearing of brush and trees behind the electrical and Artesian utilities.  I understand that some low brush clearing is going on right now.
The front entrance, Waterfront Drive. will have ponds on either side.  Looking at the map Plan D is located in the front and includes the front entrance.  This should be the first area worked on.      
For your information I've attached the following.  I'll update you again when I know more.
Alan D. Lowe
Architectural Committee

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