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Architectural Inspection Update

Please read this in its entirety! 
The ARC would like to thank all of you who have responded to our Information Survey Letter asking to help "fill in the blanks" of missing or incorrect information.  Of the 471 properties, not including Phase 7, we have been able to check off, qualify or update 454, over 96%.  The period for "Information Only" submissions is now closed. 
Sometime during the second quarter 2023 the ARC will schedule and perform the next annual inspection with focus on specific areas requiring maintenance, repairs, refinishing and or replacement, such as trash enclosures, facia boards, trim and shutters, and according to our Guidelines where landscaping around yard installed satellite dishes is required.
Also, to be noted, Legum & Norman has an inspector who will also be around checking on various items, like mold and mildew on siding and fencing, wooden fence maintenance, mailbox cleaning, repairs or replacement, and approved yard decorations, among other items.
For the ARC, our focus this year is on maintaining the beauty and market value of our properties and adherence to our Guidelines.  Our database is a valuable tool and with the amount of information, having been received and updated and available, one need not worry about past record keeping, future resales and if another Management Company takes control.  Thanks again to all who have contributed their information.
Best Regards,
SWC Architectural Committee

Phase 7 Update - March 19th

Beach Cove Drive into Phase 7 is an ACTIVE construction zone and CAUTION must be observed when in that area.
Excavation and home foundations at the end of Beach Cove Drive for 3 multi-story homes with basements have started. Landscaping for the Play-Fit area along Beach Cove is complete and the grounds have been leveled.  The Play-Fit area is estimated to be ready in early May and will include a fence surrounding it.  A new lighting fixture has been installed over the pump and electrical area on Hammerhead.  The developer is working on finishing Hammerhead and Blue Marlin Court roadways with a primary base coat of gravel, asphalt and curbs, expecting completion by the end of March.  New street and stop signs have been installed on Waterfront, Beach Cove and Hammerhead Drives.        
There are 18 homes in various build stages in the Waterfront Drive and Beach Cove cul-de-sacs.  Several homes are nearing completion and potential sales are underway.       
The Sales Model is open with a sales representative onsite Saturday - Wednesday and closed on Thursday and Friday.   Hours Saturday - Wednesday 10am-6pm.  Please call first if you plan to visit the Sales Office 302-803-0300 . 
For more information on the home plans for Phase 7 visit the DR Horton Info page under the Members Section of our website or contact the Sales Office.             

Progressive Dinner

There will be an Adults Only Stonewater Creek Progressive dinner on April 22, 2023
Spend the evening enjoying a dinner scramble with neighbors.  Starting at 6pm you will visit three different homes spending an hour in each starting with the appetizer moving on to the salad and soup course then to the last home for the entrée all provided by the hosts and hostesses.  The dessert will be provided by the last host and hostess and served at the clubhouse.
If you would like to participate and want to serve the Appetizers, the Soup and Salad or the Entrée, let us know.  This is not a gourmet diner, the choice of what will be served including the beverages are up to the host & hostess.  Take out is fine as is using your own fine China.
At 9pm everyone will go to the clubhouse where dessert will be served. 
Below, please let us know what course you would like to serve by March 9, 2023.
First Choice:
Second Choice:
Two weeks before the event you will receive your itinerary. If you have questions please email Paula Murdoch:
Pat Lavook:
Have a great day!      


Snow Stakes

If you need snow stakes please email Marty Murdoch:
List your name, address and phone number and he will contact you.
All other previous emails on snow stakes are null and void.

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