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Phase 7 Update - September 25th

The front entrance monuments are nearing completion.  There are 6 foundations currently being framed and developed.  Yard soil leveling, sod placement and landscaping is underway for the completed home units.  
The Sales Model is open with a sales representative onsite.   Hours Sunday - Tuesday 10am-6pm, Wednesday 12pm-6pm and Thursday - Saturday 10am-6pm.  302-803-0300
Currently 14 of the 28 homes have a Sold sign in the window.  12 have been closed on or scheduled for closing during September and in early October.
For more information on the home plans for Phase 7 visit the DR Horton Info page under the Members Section of our website or contact the Sales Office.             

Architectural Committee Inspection

The comparison of the inspection information has begun and results are being updated in our database.  The first step was to collect the information, the second is to see how many applications we currently have in the database to compare with and help determine who we will focus on to provide more information.  An announcement will be emailed to you shortly if an "Information Only" application is needed.   There is no charge for this information and it can be emailed directly to the email address below.
Our next step is to add a new Lot # - Address - Plot Map category under the Member's Section where you can check to see if our database has a Plot Map for your property.  It's a simple quick test and will provide the last Plot Map submitted for your property.  This will help those who may have purchased property in SWC and the property documents did not include a property map.  If you check and see that you have a better property map than what is shown, you can email it to us as well.
If you see that there is a N/A or not available next to your address then we ask you to submit an application for improvements, ex. rooms, sheds, patios, fences, trash enclosures, swale surrounds (listed on the application check list) etc., that have been added on your property.  Be sure to include an updated Plot Map and follow the instructions on the application form.  The form can be located on the website under the Members Section or on TownSQ.
In late October a form letter identifying missing information will be sent to the homeowner.  Missing information can be emailed to the SWCARC and should be submitted with an ARC Application, checked as "Information Only" so that we can validate what improvements have been to you property.  A copy of an "Approval Letter" should be added if you have one.  Again, no charges apply for these updates.
Questions and information can be emailed to:     

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The ARC will meet using Zoom on submitted applications received by 10/7 and other architectural issues.

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